Entrepreneurship Summit

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Entrepreneurship Summit


We have the chance to build a better world. More loving, funny, sensitive and artistic than ever before. But we have to enter the ring ourselves, get it ourselves going, do it ourselves. Not leave it to mere profit maximizers.
At the Entrepreneurship Summit on 21st and 22nd October 2017 in Berlin, Experts from all areas of Entrepreneurship will find everything you need for a well thought-through start-up concept. Look forward to Keynotes by Gregor Gysi, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Thomas Sattelberger. As well as other renowned speakers, impulse groups and workshops.
Look forward to high-profile speakers from the fields of female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial decision making, community welfare economics, serial entrepreneurship, sales for founders, founding in middle years, storytelling, crowdfunding, entrepreneurship education, social and cultural entrepreneurship, and more. Meet more than 1,500 like-minded people and especially founders!
The Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 is organized by the Entrepreneurship Foundation under the leadership of Prof. Günter Faltin.

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Quick facts

Start: October 21st 2017

End: October 22nd 2017

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

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Country: Germany

State: Berlin

City: Berlin

Location: Henry-Ford-Bau; Freie Universität Berlin

Date and Time for the Event 2017

Start Date: October 21st

Start Time: 09:15 a.m.

End Date: October 22nd

End Time: 05:30 p.m.

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Founding Story

Who is the Founder

Prof. Günter Faltin is a university lecturer, company founder, business angel and best-selling author ("Kopf schlägt Kapital"). He set up the Entrepreneurship Department at Freie Universität Berlin. But he knew: As a university lecturer, you are not convincing, if you only know theory. That is why he took his own business idea into practice with the "Teekampagne" (tea campaign) in 1985. With his Darjeeling tea, he became market leader in the German tea mail-order in only a short time.
In his Entrepreneurship Laboratory he explains how to find a founding idea, systematically develop it, and constantly work on it until it shows clear competitive advantages.
This is where the Entrepreneurship Foundation is set up. Since 2001 initiator Prof. Faltin has been involved with his team for the development of conceptual creative foundings. In doing so, they support entrepreneurs and those who want to become involved with materials, workshops, competitions and a yearly course in which the participants are empowered to work on their own ideas.

What is the Founding Story behind?

Prof. Faltin is convinced: everyone can start up if he sends a well thought-out concept into the race. It is not the start-up capital, but the mind, the passion and the desire to design, reject and re-shape the concept - again and again - until a viable business model emerges.

In order to carry this conviction into the world and to encourage more people to found, Prof. Faltin initiated the Entrepreneurship Summit in 2009. The founders event has grown steadily over the years, bringing together people who want to use entrepreneurship to create a better future for our society.

What is the Elevator Pitch for the Conference?

One weekend. 1500 participants. Over 150 experts and founders. Lectures, impulses, thoughts, workshops and more. Here you can find the small Solopreneur as well as the successful serialpreneur with millions turnover. We can improve the world, "but we have to get into the ring ourselves, get it ourselves going, do it ourselves." Have the courage! Take the first step by going to the Summit!

Why is the Entrepreneurship Summit unique in the world of Conferences?

People make the Entrepreneurship Summit unique - both on the stage and behind it. A small foundation team, numerous helpers, experts who share their knowledge, founders who report successes, pitfalls and failures: All come together at the Summit in an honorary capacity to get this special event on their feet.
No funding, no big sponsors, only the passion for entrepreneurship and the pursuit to rethink the future of our society - more sustainable, human and social. This connects all parties involved.

(The Original Content is in German Language, this is a translation by Startup-Conferences)

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