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push. conference

push.conference unites professionals that create compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking. In 5 successful years 74 speakers from Mozilla, BMW, Google, Bosch, The Guardian, Vimeo, Fjord, IDEO, MESO, Art+Com and many others shared their insights and inspiration with more than 2500 guests.

You should be part of it if you want to get inspired to shape products, websites, apps and installations.

Quick facts

Start: October 20th 2017

End: October 21st 2017

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Speakers and topics for 2017 include:
- Speculative Design: Futures Prototyping for Research and Strategy by J. Paul Neeley
- Conversational Interfaces by Adrian Zumbrunnen of Google
- Design in a World Where Machines are Learning by Tony Chu of noodle.ai
- Design like a Scientist: A/B Testing UX at Netflix by Navin Iyengar

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Country: Germany

State: Bavaria

City: Munich

Location: Alte Kongresshalle München

Date and Time for the Event 2017

Start Date: October 20th

Start Time: 10:00 a.m.

End Date: October 21st

End Time: 06:00 p.m.

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Mini-Interview with Founder Christian Perstl

Who is the founder and initiator of push.conference?

Christian Perstl is co-founder and head of push.conference and as such coordinates all efforts from curation and management to the overall organisation – challenging every detail to make push.conference a perfect event for guests and speakers alike. By day, Christian is an active strategic designer himself looking back at 8+ years of industry experience most recently as Lead Designer at innovation consultancy Designit in Munich. He currently takes a sabbatical to pursue an MA in Service Design at the renowned Royal College of Art London where he explores the intersection of Innovation, Strategy and Human Centered Design.

What is the Founding Story behind?

6 years ago we saw a disconnect between software interface designers on the one hand side and experimental interaction designers and creative technologists on the other. We saw the potential to combine both approaches to create large scale yet delightful and innovative products and experiences. As there was no other platform that did this, we decided to take up the task. 5 successful conferences later we look at our growing numbers of attendees and how the whole UX scene has evolved and see that we were and are on the right track.

What is your Elevator Pitch for the Conference?

push.conference unites professionals that create compelling interactive experiences inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking. We look at the complete process from strategy to research to prototyping and detailed implementation. And we look across all platforms. After all, our users encounter many different digital artefacts every day and don’t make a difference when comparing the experience their fitness app or their online banking gives them. Equally, designers need to get their inspiration from all across the board.

Why is push.conference unique in the world of Conferences?

We get complimented a lot on our personal yet professional atmosphere – which matters to us just as much as an excellent program. It’s definitely the fact that push.conference is run by designers rather than a commercial event firm that makes it so enjoyable and relevant. We live and believe in the topics we bring on stage, they’re on our minds daily in our jobs. This makes the content so highly relevant to our fellow designers which join as attendees and gives speakers and guests the feeling of professional exchange on eye level. The cherry on top is the interactive exhibition during breaks in which design students as well as studios and companies like Bosch show their latest prototypes and products.

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